C.Y Gabriel Medicated
Calama ring 
Cali Ice Apple drink
Cali pineapple juice 
Calumet baking powder
Candied peel
Carrefour sucre
Casava Chips
Cassava chips
Cerelac honey&wheat with milk
Cerelac mixed vegetable
Cerelac rice
Chana dal
Chana Jor
Chana masala
Chana masala
Chandrika soap
Chaokoh 100% coconut cream
Chaokoh 100% coconut cream
Chaokoh jackfruit
Chewra mix
Chewra Mix
Chick peas
Chicken curry masala
Chicken marinade lee kum kee
Chilli pickle
Chilli powder extra hot
Chin Chin Mix
China green tea special gunpowder
China green tea special gunpowder
Chinese hakka noodles
Chinese manchurian
Chinese Paneer chilli
Chinese vegetable freid rice
Chinkiang vinegar 
Chips Spicy
Chou chinois sale pimente
Chow chow
Chunky chat masala
Chutney podina masala
CL 31/40
CL PTO 26/30
Clover Chips
Clover chips barbecue
Clover chips cheesier
Coarse cornmeal plenta
Coarse semolina
coca cola 
coca cola 
coca cola light
coca cola light 
coca cola zero
coca cola zero 
CO-CL 21/25
Coco delight
Coco delight coconut cream 
coconut cookies
Coconut gel
Coconut Juice
Coconut milk 
Coconut milk trs
Coconut sport balls
Coconut sport strings
Coctail shrimp
Cornflakes mixtures
Couscou malika
Crisp freid onions
Crown cake rusk
Cruched extra hot chillies
Cup noodles with real sea food